The PARLI (Portale per l'Accesso alle Risorse Linguistiche per l'Italiano) project proposes to build a language technology framework that makes available to both research centres and industries a point of reference for the development of applications for Italian Natural Language Processing (NLP).
The goal of the PARLI project is to monitoring and fostering the harmonic growth and coordination at the national level of the activities related to the NLP for Italian language (see also Goals and Activities).


As a main means for pursuing these goals, PARLI makes available the

web portal

which enables the access to existing linguistic resources and tools for Italian developed by all the researchers working in the NLP area.

The project, which is funded by the Italian government (PRIN 2008), is developed by a pool of researchers from five Italian universities and benefits of the collaboration of other Italian research centers (see Members). For more details, see also the document presented for the project funding (in section Documents).

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